McDain’s in Monroeville Bans Kids Under 6 (email them at

I read this article on and was first shocked, then angry. McDain’s restaurant owner Mike Vuick has decided to ban children under the age of 6 from coming into his restaurant. Here’s the article:

He claims that kids are too noisy and their parents won’t control them.

I take issue with this for a number of reasons.

1. Not all parents let their kids run amuck in public. Not that we haven’t had our moments in my family, but if my kids can’t behave, we leave, or at least remove them from the situation until they can behave.

2. Discriminating against anyone isn’t right. It’s not legal to discriminate against someone based on age, but technically that only applies to the elderly (because you can’t exactly hire a 5 year-old to work for you). But it doesn’t make it right to say to young families “You’re not welcome here, get out.”

3. It’s not good business practice to ban anyone from your restaurant. You know those loud, annoying kids? They grow up. By kicking their families out the door now, you’re literally telling them to spend their money elsewhere. So they will. And they when they’re children reach the magical age of 6 they won’t come back. And their kids will never go there. And someday they’ll become adults with money to spend, and they won’t go there either. Yup, that makes total sense to me!

4. Almost everyone has been a young parent, and they know what it’s like. By banning young families, you’re telling everyone that you basically hate kids. That’ll win people over.

5. He should just directly address the problem with loud parents instead of banning everyone. I don’t enjoy going to a restaurant when there are loud, obnoxious children there, and I have kids. So why would you ban me because some other person can’t control his or her child? How about, instead, you talk to that person. You might lose that person’s patronage, but not an entire group of families.

Overall, I think this guy is a total jerk. It’s his business, but I won’t patronage a place that bans anyone. If you feel the same way, send him an email at mcdains.

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