Mom Doesn’t Get Sick Days

I’m sick. And miserable. And it suuuucks. It especially sucks because, before kids, if I was sick I could lay in bed or on the couch as much as I wanted. But not now. Even though I’m sick, I’ve still got responsibilities. Fortunately Hubby is a big help, but he’s not used to taking care of the things I am, so I find I spent almost as much time explaining what needs to be done as it would have taken to just do it. Lunches need made, backpacks put together, clothes laid out – what’s the weather tomorrow, anyway?

I’m also responsible for taking the kids to day care and the bus stop, which means my husband had to pinch hit for me, which he fortunately did 2 days in a row. I still had to pick up yesterday and today, which means actually getting showered and dressed.

Today my daughter is also home sick, which isn’t really a sick day for me at all, because it’s hard to get a good nap in while Dora’s on.

Fortunately, Daughter still naps, so I plan to nap this afternoon. Then, back to work tomorrow!

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