Moms Don’t Get Sick Days Part 2

The cold I had last week turned into a sinus infection yesterday. By the evening my head felt like it was going to explode, so I found an Urgent Care clinic and made it in right before they closed. After some sticker shock (let’s just say I paid about $5.00 a minute) I was out with a prescription for an antibiotic.

I had to wait until my pharmacy opened today at 9, so I took my daughter to day care, son to the bus stop, and went to work. After my 9:00 meeting I drove to one of my favorite places – Target. Not only did I know I would have my sweet, sweet medicine soon, but I had 15 minutes to peruse the aisles child free. That’s the same as an hour with kids.

After being carded for buying Sudafed (darn, I was SO planning on making meth instead of trying to alleviate the horrendous sinus headache I had) I jumped back in the care an went back to work. No rest for the weary!

I could have gone to the doctor’s today and avoided the hefty convenience charge, but, well, it was more convenient to do it Sunday night after the kids were in bed. I didn’t have to miss work or try to figure out where I was going to find an hour today to go to the doctor. Sometimes, it really is worth $5.00 an minute.

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