My Couponing Adventure

My Couponing Adventure!

Check out my couponing adventure! Have you ever tried couponing? I don’t mean using a 40% off coupon at Michael’s, I’m talking about clipping coupons and shopping sales to increase your savings. I tried it a few years ago, and it was just too hard. Walking through the grocery store and trying to go through my coupon holder to find the right coupon – or see if I even had one – just didn’t work for me. I even tried an online service, but again, no luck.

Well, I’m trying again. This time I found an app called Krazy Coupon Lady, which is also a website. And let me tell you, this thing is awesome! She explains exactly what to do to purchase something at a great price. For example, here’s one of today’s deals for Target:

Target Coupons The Krazy Coupon Lady

Notice the white check box? Just check the ones you want, and they’re all listed in one place. Whoo hoo!

So, for this deal, you buy the items listed. These items have a sale (buy one, get one 40% off), and a free $5 gift card. Add four coupons to save $1 each, and one coupon to save $3, for awesome savings!

Something to remember – you’ll usually either buy one of something, or several. And it seems to be the opposite of what you would usually do. For example, I got a Starbucks drink for $.18, but I could only buy one. Normally, I would buy several. But I bought three bottles of facial cleanser, when I would normally buy one.

The process uses a combination of:

  • in-store sales
  • newspaper insert coupons
  • printable coupons from websites (couponing websites, brand websites, brands’ Facebook pages, etc.)
  • mobile coupons
  • store apps (such as Target’s cartwheel app)
  • rebates (manufacturer and rebate sites/apps)

Here’s a trip I recently made, which I bragged about on the Krazy Coupon Lady website (which you should check out for inspiration!):


See those clearance tags? The QlearQuil is normally $8.48. They were marked down to $4.25 each, then I used a coupon to save $3 on 2. If you know how much allergy pills are, this is awesome! I paid $5.50 for both instead of $16.96, saving $11.46.

You can read the full post to see the breakdown for everything: First Big Savings Trip – 12 Items For $18.50 at Target!

My favorite thing to do is browse the clearance sections at Target and Wal-Mart, and compare those to my coupons. That’s how I got the deal on QlearQuil. I also scored Children’s Advil for $1.50 each by applying coupons to clearanced items.

A few days ago I did another Target run, and my total was $170. After the coupons, mobile coupons, and cartwheel app, my total was $120. Plus, I got $15 in gift cards to use on another trip (and I used $10 in gift cards from a previous trip).

To be fair, this does take some time. I chose to cut out the coupons I might use and alphabetize them in a binder using card holder sheets. I realize this is a bit crazy, and it is certainly time-intensive, but it works for me. In the past I would try to sort them by category, but then I couldn’t remember if, say, cheese sticks were in snacks or dairy. Now, they’re all laid out in my binder and I can easily flip through them. I keep the coupons I’m planning on using in an envelope, and as I find clearance items, I pull those from my binder and add them to the envelope.

I use these binder dividers and card holders. These are affiliate links, and I receive a percentage of sales made through these links.


If you also coupon, I’d love to hear your stories and tips!

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