My First Time (Ice Skating)

Yesterday Buddy and I had our first ice skating lesson at Blade Runners. We got there in plenty of time, but after trying on a zillion ice skates (I ended up with my first pair – my husband was convinced I needed hockey skates because they’re easier but couldn’t find a pair in my size) we went in a few minutes late and the lesson had already started.

Buddy and I were originally assigned to different groups. I guess because I’m an adult they assumed I had some ability to stay upright on skates, even though I told them when I signed up that I needed to be in the very beginner’s group. We got there and sort of clung to the wall for a minute. I asked an instructor where we were supposed to go and she directed me to a group of kids skating back and forth across the rink. Um, no. I literally needed step-by-step instructions.

Thank God for Barbara! She saw me and Buddy standing and looking confused and we joined her group. There were three of us, me, Buddy and a girl about 11. Buddy needed the ice walker and sort of slid around for 10 minutes.

We started with falling properly, and I’m happy to say that was the only time I fell. We progressed to marching and gliding, and I made it ALL the way across the rink! We did that for a while and then learned to do the football shaped move (I forget what it’s called). This one was a bit tough for me, I kept going in circles. Lastly we learned to go backwards, which was fun even though I went about 3 feet.

My legs and back are a bit sore, but I had a lot of fun. Buddy did too. After our class we both went around the rink once. By then we were pretty worn out. Hopefully I’ll remember some of this for next week.

I all proud of myself for doing it, even though I was the only adult and I had to learn in front of all of the kids’ parents. My instructor was great and never made me feel like an idiot, which I really appreciate!

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