My Mother-In-Law is Pure Evil

My husband’s family is from Central PA, so we packed the kids up and are spending the weekend with them. And when we arrived, I discovered what my dasterdly mother-in-law had done. One the kitchen island (AKA the place where everyone hands out) there were jelly beans, apple pie (oh yes, home made apple pie made by her evil, evil hands), caramel apples and chocolate pumpkin lollipops. I am telling you, she is the Devil.

Well, if the devil were made of pure (evil) sugar. I love the woman dearly. Not only did she give birth to my best friend and life-time partner, she raised him to be a very good man and she takes great care of my kids. Whenever we visit she gets up with the kids and lets me and Hubby sleep in. Right now they’re visiting their great-grandmother and we’re planning to a trip to the local pumpkin patch this afternoon, where she and my Father-In-Law will not doubt refuse to allow us to pay for anything and buy my kids a million pumpkins.

See what I mean? The woman is evil. I don’t know what I did to deserve this! But back to the goodies. I am trying (very, very hard) to drop 10-20 pounds. I had lost that last post-baby 20 when Daughter was 1 and kept it off until I had to have surgery to remove 25 very large gall stones, a result of… drum roll, please… gaining and losing weight rapidly. In other words, pregnancy. Before surgery I was all about comfort foods and put on 5-10 pounds. After wards, when it no longer hurt to eat, I figured I deserved it and ate. And ate. And ate. It did not help that my surgery was in November, so there was Halloween candy laying around, followed by Thanksgiving, then Christmas, all know for their yummy, yummy goodness.

My weakness like no other is sweets. I have to keep myself on a regular routine in order to lose weight. 100 calorie packs are my best friend because otherwise I eat an entire bag of, well, whatever. So sitting here, in her kitchen, with apple pie (HOMEMADE apple pie!) and jelly beans taunting me is just mean. Deliciously mean.

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