No More Sad Puppies – This Campaign Makes You Mad Instead

It’s not often that I see a campaign that makes people mad – and then they love it. The Toronto Humane Society has created a campaign that entices one of the strongest emotional reactions that I have ever seen on Facebook – and that’s saying a lot!

Visit to see what I mean. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Back? Great. So, did you get mad? When I posted a link to this on my Facebook page two of my friends were very upset until they realized it was (SPOIL ALERT) totally fake. One of my friends is a big dog lover, and the other works for a local animal rescue center, so they are both very passionate on the subject.

What makes this campaign so great is that is drops the Sarah-McLachlan-sad-puppy approach that has been haunted our TVs for too long. Instead, they chose to focus on a different emotion, and one that really springs people into action – anger. It’s a unique approach, especially since they’ve wrapped up it in a fun, cheery package. Visit the website to see how they rated dogs, charts included!

They’ve also done a great job with integrating this campaign across media. It’s largely web-based from what I’ve seen (not living in Toronto, I can’t speak to it locally) and it’s received a lot of press so far, making it a PR win too!


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