Novocaine Doesn’t Numb The Heart

I had a rare moment of kid-freeness, which only occurred because I needed a cavity. So, one point for poor dental health (don’t fret, it’s already losing my a million).

Post-dental appointment and still numb on half of my face, I took a trip to Barnes & Noble. Did I mention I was alone? I was alone. I covered one end to the other in 30 seconds. Not 10 minutes, while stopping every 3 feet to tell my kids to “put that down and get moving.” It was glorious.

Back to my point, since I wasn’t on alert to keep my kids from either disappearing or breaking something, I was able to think. And that’s when it hit me. My baby is going to kindergarten. Right there, while walking past an expecting couple sprawled on the floor thumbing through pregnancy and baby books, I felt tears suddenly spring to my eyes.

My daughter is going to kindergarten. In a few short months I will have not one, but two school-aged children.

Sending Buddy to kindergarten was hard for me. I didn’t feel old enough to have a child in school. In my mind’s eye, the adults around me when I was in elementary school were old. But so far with Sassafras, I’ve felt the glee of having my kids in one place and the utter joy of not paying for day care. This sudden burst of emotion startled me.

We are winding down at day care, with a few weeks before both kids start summer camp. She’ll get to go back for the lone week in August when I don’t have anywhere to send them (or any relatives willing to watch them), but for the most part, she’s almost done. Our day care days are over. Nearly nine years, and we’re finally done. Sure, there will be a random day here and there and summer camp, but the real time at day care is over.

Bitter sweet, that’s what parenting is. It’s such a joy to watch them grow and learn, but sometimes these milestones are hard.

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