On The Hunt For a Nice Way to Display Kids’ Artwork

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in cleaning mode. I have several projects I’m working on, including finding a cute, yet nice way to display my kids’ artwork. Here are my requirements:

  • Easy to change out artwork
  • Inexpensive
  • DIY (most likely)
  • Nice enough to be in our dining or living room (and possibly office)

I have seen different options, but nothing is really striking me as The One. So far, things I’m considering:

  • Painted wooden frames (second hand, painted to match), no glass, with clips in them (downside – some of the kids artwork is pretty big, also, hubby doesn’t want a ton of holes in the wall)
  • magnetic paint (downside – I don’t want to paint, then repaint over the magnetic paint. I can see that not going so well and ending up repainting an entire room)
  • Wood or foam sheet covered with fabric, hung on the wall, with clips (downside – holes in the wall – upside – fewer holes)
  • Canvas painted or covered with fabric with clips (downside – holes in walls, not sure about size)
  • Magnetic strip (downside – will it look nice?, holes in walls)

So, I’ve basically realized there will be either holes in the walls OR I will use those 3M strips, but then, depending on what I do, THAT could get pricey right there. But at least there are options. The reason my husband doesn’t like putting holes in the walls is that the people who owned the house before us used plaster to texture the walls, and it chips fairly easily. It’s not the best for hanging things on.

I’m leaning towards hanging two canvases in the dining room, and then either frames or a metal strip in our office. I’d love to hear any ideas you have or see what has worked for you!


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