When Real Life Wrecks Your Plans

Way back in August I got great news – Cake Wrecks blogger Jen (and her hubby John) were on tour for their new Wreck the Halls book and were making a stop in Pittsburgh! I immediately put it on my calendar and alerted the husband that I would be OUT that evening, so he better plan to be home with the kids (there is no “babysitting” of your own kids in my house, thankyouverymuch).

I was so looking forward to completing my trifecta of meeting my favorite bloggers. Two of my faves are local – Ginny (@JanePitt aka PittGirl and writer of www.thatschurch.com) and Michelle (@Burghbaby and author of www.burghbaby.com). Following local bloggers is great because when you go to Podcamp Pittsburgh, there they are. I met both of them in September at the meet and greet, and then saw Michelle several times during the weekend. It was a total geekout moment.

In fact, I accidentally lied to Ginny and told her I was a doctor. It was an accident, I swear. Here’s how it went down. I saw her from across the room and went up to introduced myself. You know how you meet someone you admire and you’re kind of hoping they don’t turn out to be a complete ass? I don’t think I’ve met a nicer person than Ginny. She was kind, gracious and genuinely interested in meeting me. As we were chatting someone else strolled by and wandered into our conversation. As we were chatting we asked her (her name is Amber) if she was on Twitter. Yes, she was, but she hadn’t put her twitter handle on her name tag, so I pulled out a sharpie (I’m not even joking, I carry them with me at all time) and wrote it on her name tag for her. She seemed a little nervous that I was basically writing on her breast, so I joked that I was a doctor. Except because I’m a complete dork I deadpanned it so well she (and Ginny) thought I was serious. So when we were done, Amber said, “So what do you do, oh, you said you were a doctor.” And then I had to admit that I lied and we all had a big laugh, but now I’m sure Ginny thinks I’m a pathological liar or something and I’m totally not.

So, after completely embarrassing myself, I mentioned to another lady who joined us that I had met Ginny and achieved part 1 of Mission: Meet Ginny and Michelle. She offered to introduce me to Michelle. This time I did not make up a profession or otherwise make an idiot of myself. Michelle was also great and very nice. She seemed so surprised that people want to meet her, but why not? She’s a great writer who I relate to.

So, having met 2/3 of my trifecta, I was really excited to get 100% by adding Jen, who writes www.cakewrecks.com and www.epbot.com. Since Jen and her husband John live in Atlanta, there’s not much of a chance to run into them at a local event. Their Pittsburgh book stop was perfect! I was going to take pictures and write a blog post and all would be right with the world.

And then life intervened, as it often does. My husband’s uncle passed away Wednesday evening, the day before the event. So instead of eating cake, laughing and generally geeking it up, I spent that night packing for a trip to New Jersey. It sucked. The only gem is that when I tweeted, @cakewrecks responded with “Oh, no! Sorry we won’t see you. 🙁 ”

I hope all of my fellow yinzers showed them such a great time that they MUST return for their next book tour and I’ll have another opportunity. Or, maybe the fact that Pittsburgh is such a great place to live, a top place to visit, and filled with black and gold awesomeness, they’ll move here and all of my bloggers will live under one big Steeler Country banner. A geek can dream, no?

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