Returning to Stars Hollow

I loved Gilmore Girls. Loved loved loved it. I related to Lorelai. She’s quirky and talks a lot says embarrassing things and loves movies and eats junk food and can sew and designs costumes. She’s like me, but brunette.

I wasn’t a fan of everything that happened during the last two seasons, but I was so sad to see it go. I sobbed through the season finale. Even though it wasn’t the “real” finale, I thought it was perfect.

When I heard about the Gilmore Girls revival, I was apprehensive. I am always nervous when a beloved show has a reunion show. It;s hard to capture the magic of the first run, and they are often more disappointing.

Overall, I adored the revival. I love that Lorelai and Luke are still together. They have a real relationship, and even though it was odd that they weren’t married yet, it made the end so much better.

I don’t love Rory’s entire story line, but I like the beginning where she was recently published in the New Yorker and was working on a book. Except the whole time I wanted to know what happened during and after the Obama campaign. I know I’m not the only fan who thought about a fictional Rory during the very real 2008 election. and following years. She clearly moved on, but when? I thought how the seasons progressed and she stalled out was simply unrealistic.

I enjoyed seeing her and Logan together, but despised that he was engaged. It’s ridiculous that he still has this weird hold of Rory so that she’ll still sleep with him even though he’s planning a life with someone else. As much as I enjoyed the Life Brigade reunion, once again Rory was allowing Logan to have this weird hold on her. I was glad that she finally broke it off with him at the end.

I loved the Wild story line with Lorelai. I watched the movie and was inspired to read the book, and afterwards I pulled out my old hiking backpack. All of the women doing the “Wild Thing” was hilarious. I can totally relate.

I know not everyone loved Stars Hollow: The Musical, but I thought it was great. I have a little bit of a personal connection to this, though. I met Christian Borle a few years ago. He’s an alumnus at the school where I used to work and he spoke at graduation in 2014. When I found out he was going to be on Gilmore Girls I about died. Someone I MET was going to be on MY SHOW. Squeee!! I watched the entire piece in awe. I thought it was hilarious, even without the Christian Borle connection, but that certainly moved it to a different level.

There were many tears throughout. Pretty much anytime Richard was mentioned involved tears. They handled it so well, and I loved seeing a different side of Emily.

I wish Rory was more ambitious. She worked so hard in school and then when things didn’t work out for a while, she just dissolved into a puddle. Everyone has those moments in life, but I thought her resolve was better. As much as I loved seeing Jess, I found it frustrating that it never occurred to Rory to write a book on her own. I see Jess as Rory’s guide, redirecting her when no one else can, and he certainly fulfilled that roll here. But I don’t think Rory needs a guy to help her stay on track. If they were together and were partners, that would be different. They’re not, he’s just the guy who turns Rory when she’s going the wrong way.

I think the very best part of all was seeing Paris again. Her introduction was fantastic, and although I wish her and Doyle weren’t getting divorced because they’re perfect PERFECT for each other. When my husband and I got married we lived in a similar house (well, by layout, not nearly as fancy). It had four floors and each floor was basically a different room. The first was the kitchen, with a full bathroom and a little laundry closet, the second the living room, the third a small bedroom (that we used as an office) and a half bath, and the fourth was our bedroom. I totally get the whole steps thing.

And then there are those final four words. I will admit that I cried and cried and cried afterwards. My husband was becoming concerned. Those words had so much meaning and so much weight. I kept thinking that these words were supposed to be spoken as Rory graduated from Yale (assuming that the series would have ended there, but since it did, that’s what I’m going with). If this was how it had ended, the baby would have been Logan’s, so I believe he’s the father now. I think that’s the reason Rory and Logan were together, while also making sure he was unavailable. I did not love that she was the girl on the side, but it made more sense at the end.

In my mind, she is going to write her book and it will be very successful. She’ll become a novelists and raise her baby in Star Hollow, but not in Lorelai’s and Luke’s, but in her own place. Then she will realize that Jess and her were meant to be together and they would be the best partners. And Luke will have his “baby,” and they will all live happily ever after.

Don’t try to tell me otherwise. Let me have this!

Part of me wants another season. Part of me wants to believe my ending and not have a different outcome.

Either way, I loved the revival. The magic was still there. There were more stories to tell, and we got the ending that the creators wanted (more or less). It was magical and wonderful and I want more!


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