Say Good-bye to Google+ as You (Don’t) Know It

Earlier this month Google announced that it is dividing up Google+ into several products, most notably Photos and Streams. Why is Google doing this when they’ve spent the last 4 years bringing all of their products together?

I have never found a good use for Google+. I use the photo aspect to automatically back up my iPhone photos, but otherwise, I don’t use it. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I already have enough social media accounts that already do these same services – namely Facebook and Twitter. They weren’t able to differentiate it from its competitors, who already had footholds in those areas.
  2. Google+ is too complicated, especially for it’s business Pages.
  3. They have too many services – pick one and make it great.
  4. I don’t necessarily want everything together. While it can be convenient, there’s only so much I want one company to know about me.
  5. Almost no one I know uses Google+. I have a very short list of friends who use it.

Google also had some questionable reporting tactics that bordered on unethical. For a while¬†they counted anyone who logged into Google as using Google+. That means if you used YouTube, Gmail, Docs, Maps, Chrome, etc. you were “using” Google+. It turns out that the 90+ million users they initially reported turns out to be around 7 million. And while that’s not so bad, it’s a far cry from 90.

As the digital landscape continues to change, I’m interested to see what Google has in store for us next.

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