Shopping in my Closet

Yesterday I talked about my cleaning out efforts and how I’m learning that less is more, because when you have so much stuff that you can’t fine what you need, you actually have less.

I have been cleaning out my clothes ruthlessly. There are things that I finally donated that I have been holding onto for years. A few things were too small – or too big – but for the most part they are things that fit, but I just didn’t wear. I would go through my closet and decide to keep it over and over again, yet when it was actually time to pick something to wear, I always passed over it. Those days are gone! I have passed those onto people who will enjoy them and wear them and freed up a boatload of space in my closet to boot.

Well, that’s not totally accurate. Since I was bursting at the seams, I’m now more so pleasantly full. But still, it’s much, much better.

In addition to clothes wrangling, I also organized my jewelry. I used to have a home-based jewelry business, so I have a ton of it. Now it’s all in one place. I have one of those earring organizers (it’s a dress form with a bunch of wires coming out of it – it’s much nicer than I’ve just described). I have a jewelry box that holds my necklaces. My mass collection of bracelets are nicely corralled in a VHS tape holder that was supposed to hold our wedding tape, except we got it on DVD. It works perfectly for holding my bracelets and I’m happy to find a use for it because it’s engraved with our names and wedding date. I have a set of Party Lite candle dishes that I use to hold pins, rings and earrings that don’t hang. This system works well for me because I’m visual, so I like to see all of my things out. If they’re hidden and “put away” they just don’t exist in my world.

Not that I can see my clothes and my jewelry, I’ve been having a fun time “shopping” in my closet. I’ve been wearing items that haven’t been worn in years and pulling together new combinations. It’s been a lot of fun. I used to wear the items that were on top of the pile, more or less, and now I have access to everything! It’s fewer things, but because now that I can actually get to it, it seems like much more. I’m also not skipping over half of my closet because I don’t wear it any more. Now my closet is full of viable options that actually get worn. What a novel concept!

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