Sick Again, Time to Committ to Myself

Me on Christmas

Me on Christmas, Taken by Sass

I have been sick so man times in the past three month my husband is convinced there is something seriously wrong with me. I am convinced I am not getting enough sleep and not eating well enough or exercising enough (or, more accurately, at all).

I know I need to make changes. Again. I had lost 40 pounds after Buddy was born and 20 pounds after Sass was born, but about a year ago I had to have my gallbladder removed, and when it stopped hurting when I ate, conveniently at the holidays, I ate and ate and ate. I’ve done a decent job of maintaining that weight, but not losing what I had gained.

I just haven’t been able to get my mind back in the game. I needed to be fed up, and I finally am. I big reason is my energy level (or lack there of) and my overall health. I notice that when I take better care of myself I don’t get sick as often. So, I am recommitting to taking care of myself. I became a Lifetime Member of WeightWatchers about 18 months ago and it’s time to get back on the program. The program has been revamped, so it’s time for me to quit being lazy and make myself a priority. I loved how I felt when I had reached my goal weight. I loved how I looked. I loved how I had more energy and didn’t get sick all the time.

I know my husband will love it too!

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