Spring Break Should Be Mandatory For Everyone

I fondly recall my Spring Breaks as a college student. One year my now-husband, then-boyfriend, and I took SCUBA diving lessons in college (shout-out to IUP!). To complete our open water certification, the group went to Crystal River, Florida, where we spent 2 days diving in a freshwater lake that was populated by manatees. We never saw one, which to be honest, I was terrified of. I get that they’re gentle, but I did not want to encounter an animal of that size in the water.

Jonathan and I rented a car, which in a great turn of fates, ended up being a white Lincoln Town Car. We styled it the whole way from Pittsburgh, PA to Crystal River, FL, where we stayed at a dinky motel. In exchange for driving a teacher’s oxygen tanks, he paid for our hotel room. Which ended up filled with college boys, and me, the lone girl. It was a typical college spring break, minus the drinking and craziness. After our diving trips, which also included a pre-hisotric-sink-hole-turned-land-locked-diving-pool called Devil’s Cave (or something like that) that was in the middle of a farm and a river trip in a nearby park, we piled a few extra kids in the car and drove them to meet up with friends in White Sands. After that, we went to Orlando and spent a single day in Disney World (we chose Epcot), which was my husband’s first Disney experience (his second with occur shortly).

The entire experience was wonderful. We were young, free and on the road. My husband lost his wallet (in a North Carlina post office, who kindly mailed it back to him) and was pulled over in Virginia, the fact that he memorized his driver’s license was the only thing that kept us heading north. There are inside jokes that we still use 14 years later. It’s a time that I’ll always cherish.

When else do you get to take a week or two off? It’s the perfect time to disengage from work and reengage in something meaningful. It’s a time to recharge, to explore, to spend time with family, to read, to write blog posts (hello!). I am very blessed to work at a school where I now get a week off every March. It’s lovely to be able to step away from the day-to-day and to do something different. This week I’m working, but we have shorter hours. The pace is slower, people are in a different frame of mind. It’s jarring when I get an email from someone who works in the “real world,” almost offending that they would interrupt my bliss by asking important questions, like “can we set up a time to meet next week?” and I don’t understand why they don’t know that we’re on Spring Break!

Since I do work one of the two weeks, it’s great to be able to dig into a project without as many distractions. The quantity of phone calls and emails that need immediate attention significantly decline. I can take some time to explore and experiment with the website or a new social media platform (hello, Pinterest). Honestly, it’s tons of fun. And, perhaps the best part, is the relaxed dress code. Just dressing down for a day makes you feel almost naughty, like you’re not “really” at work, even though you are. It makes the work seem more fun and less serious.

I really think everyone should have a chance to take some time off in the spring. It’s good for you, for your family (my kids are currently with their grandparents staying up too late and eating too much candy), for your marriage (send your kids away for a week, it’s so nice to be able to be more spontaneous with your spouse), for your sanity (my stress levels are at a nice, low level, even while I’m planning the Ultimate Disney Vacation).

Can we all agree to take this thing nation-wide?

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