Summertime Fun

I finally took a my summer vacation in early August. I’ve never taken a vacation this late in the summer before, and boy, was I feeling the need to get away from it all. Since we went to Disney World over Spring Break, I spent my week off at home with the kids. They had been feeling a bit neglected since I had started my master’s program at WVU, so we were all looking forward to some quality time together.

My favorite part of the entire vacation was simply being together. It was just me and the kids, the hubby couldn’t take off, and we enjoyed some bumming around the house, as well as some fun activities.

I also found myself simply not wanting to blog for a while. My work life, home life and school life have been so intense, that I needed some down time overall. I apologize for my negligence, but since it’s my blog, after all, I didn’t feel the need to force myself to write anything.

I’m happy to be back, we’ve had a busy summer and I have lots to share!

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