Switching TV & Internet Shouldn’t Be Hard

While I was off on winter break last week a Comcast guy came by to see if we would be interested in switching from DirecTV. I knew this was a decision my husband and I would have to make together, so he came back in the evening and we all sat down. After a lot of talking, we decided to switch. The cost was about the same (a little less, but we would take a hit with wireless when we ended the bundle with Verizon), but the services were more (On Demand, premium channels and faster Internet). I was concerned, so I did some online research (called Twitter and Facebook) and the main complaints with Comcast were the prices and their Internet service sucked. We decided to give them a try.

And that’s when everything got bad.

We were VERY specific with the sales guy that we were not available until after 4. We WERE available during the day until Jan. 4, when they had their first open appointment. But he ASSURED us that they would be able to make us the last appointment of the day and if I got home close to for we would be FINE. I told him they needed to call my cell phone before they arrived – NO PROBLEM he said.

OK, I knew that this wasn’t going to go well. I knew the chances of them A. calling me and B. leaving me for last were slim to none. But I had no other choice than to let this play out.

So I came home on Tuesday to a message that, because we weren’t home, our appointment was rescheduled and to call 1-800-COMCAST. So I did.


10 minutes to find a human. There is no option if you DON’T ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT! When you try to change an appointment, it only lets you confirm and go back to the previous menu. I needed to CHANGE an appointment, which was the option I chose.

I finally spoke to someone (when in doubt, go to billing) and was able to make a morning appointment for a morning I’m off (Jan. 17). Well, that’s several weeks away. But, whatever.

Enter husband.

He is so much better at dealing with these people than I am. By the time I reach a person I’m so annoyed, and I tell them so. He stayes cool, calm, and always gets us free stuff.

So he called them and came back with an EVENING Jan. 11 date. An evening date that the sales guy said didn’t exist. Also, he learned that the instructions we have the sales guy (last appointment, call cell) were never passed one. LIE #1.

That was the end of it. So I thought.

I took to Twitter to see if this was common, and Comcast tweeted me back. I sent them my number and received a call on my cell phone (yay for reading!). This lady informs me we have an appointment on Jan. 11. From 12-4. Um, no. It was from 4-7. No, no, they can’t DO it in the evening because it’s too big of a job. So they HAVE to do it during the day. LIE #2.

Then she offers me a weekend appointment. Sunday, Jan. 16. The day before I had one scheduled for the morning of Jan. 17. So I told her I had to talk to my husband, because at this point, I don’t even want it. I’m not unhappy with my current service. I don’t NEED Comcast, so I’m not taking off work or bending over backwards. I HAVE a service I’m happy with. The extra services sound nice, but I’m not dying for them.

So My husband is going to call them. We’ll see what happens. My thoughts are if it is this difficult to get it installed, then what crappy service do they have? He’s also going to call DirecTV and see if we can get something out of this whole mess if we stay. I’m rooting for free ShoTime so I can watch Dexter!

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