Syria Shriner’s Craft Show

Craft shows are one of my favorite places to spend a Saturday. They’re filled with amazing work, and the annual Syria Shriner’s Craft Show is no exception. I met some amazing crafters and saw so many beautiful things.

Thanks to everyone who let me get photos of their items to showcase here. I encourage you to support these local crafters. I’ve included contact information or shops for each of them.

Creations by Lorraine

This was one of the first booths we stopped at and I couldn’t pass up a hat for my daughter Sassafrass. She picked one with a purple flower. I love the character, animal and holiday hats Lorraine made as well.

MK…kreations or on Facebook (FYI they have a profile, not a Page, so if you “friend” them they’ll have access to your information unless you place them on a restricted list.)

This couple blew me away. I’ve seen silverware tuned into jewelry, hooks, business card holders and such before. What stood out to me was the whimsy and whit that the Kings use. My favorite is the butter knife that’s stamped “Butter Me Up.” What’s not to love?

Kat Papercrafts

Don’t let her name fool you, Karyn Trovato does more than paper crafts – much more. I bought and adorable t-shirt for Sassafrass that says “My Mom Rocks” with a picture of a rocking chair. Something about it made me laugh. Sassafrass had $11 to spend and purchased two sets of barrettes at this booth (and had money left over). She has tons of adorable t’s, onsies, skirts, barrettes and more.


Eileen Schmidt

Don’t you love it when you see a form of arts and crafts updated for today? Eileen is a perfect example of this. She hand paints glassware, but instead of the typical designs you might find elsewhere, hers take it that step above. She has a lot of Pittsburgh themed items, included this goblet with the Pittsburgh skyline that I just love. I actually know Eileen and can vouch for her Burgerness. We’ve been talking about working together to get her a website, and I’m hoping I might be able to convince her to trade me for a set of these beauties.


A Queen’s Ransom

I am no stranger to the art of beading, and since I enjoy beading, I tend to gloss over the jewelry tables. However, these stood out. Their signature item is the Tree of Life, which is made from wire with any birthstones you desire on the trees. It’s a lovely way to have your family’s birthstones displayed. I fell in love with the Christmas Trees and brought a pair home with me.

Design by Manuela

Manuela’s cell phone cases caught my eye. They’re fun and well made. She even covers the buttons herself “because that’s how you get them to match well.” That’s a dedicated crafter! I made a similar style iPad 2 case and she said she makes those as custom orders since there’s so many sizes. I love it when two of my interests come together! She has lots of other adorable items.

 Color My Party

All of Barb’s place mats, bread covers and coasters were lovely, but what I loved the best were these adorable fabric hamburgers. How fun are these for kids? I love that the bread is made from sesame printed fabric. My kids have a set like this at home (courtesy of my crafty mom, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree on that one) and have a good time playing restaurant and making burgers.

Bear Hug Baby Quilts

I am in awe of quilters, because I simply don’t have that kind of patience. Creating a design, then a pattern, cutting out all of those little pieces and them sewing them together – only to have to hand stitch over them – it’s just too tedious for me. I’m a faster, Wham Bam, Thank you Mam kind of crafter. These little monsters also caught my eye – aren’t they sweet?



Jubilli Arts and Crafts

I may be a techie kind of girl, but I love an old school notebook. There’s something about writing things down. So when I saw these little notebooks I had to grab some pictures. How cute are they? She has tons of designs and you can order personalized notebooks on her etsy store.

Paul Lindenfelser Photography

I saw Paul this summer at the Three Rivers Arts Festival and fell in LOVE with his Pittsburgh photography. However, it was a hot day, my kids and husband were antsy and i didn’t buy anything. So when I saw him at the craft show today I simply couldn’t let this opportunity go by again. Turns out Paul is also a very nice guy. He chatted with me about photography (I had my Nikon DSLR around my neck) and offered to answer any questions I might have. All of his galleries on his site are amazing, but his Pittsburgh gallery blows me away. It’s not often you see some new versions of the sky line, and his are fantastic. I didn’t get permission from Paul to use his photos, but please go to his site and check them out. The photo on his landing page is the one I purchased.

Check out all of my photos, with more from each crafter, on Flickr.

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