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My husband and I took the kids to see Tangled yesterday, and we really enjoyed it. It’s a cute story about a girl who finds her own way instead of being rescued (she actually does most of the rescuing in the movie) in pursuit of her dream.

One thing I find interesting in every Disney film is that there’s always something going on with the parents. In Snow White she is raised be her step mother (although I’m not sure what happened to her mother and if her father is alive). In Cinderella her parents die and she’s raised by her step mother. In Sleeping Beauty her parents are alive and well, but she has to be taken away and raised by fairies. The Princess and the Frog started with both parents, but her father does in the war, which is at least believable. Belle from Beauty and the Beast is raised by her father, not mother is spoken of. Arial in The Little Mermaid is also raised by her father, again, no mother mentioned. These poor princesses, they never have a mother (with the exception of Tiana)!

I also noticed that this movie borrows/pays homage to the many animated classics. As Disney’s 50th animated film, I wonder if that was on purpose. For example, Rapunzel is taken away from her King and Queen parents at birth, like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Also, as it did with Aurora from that film, Tangled hinged on Rapunzel’s 18th birthday. Rapunzel and Rider have a lovely moment on a row boat (see the image above), bringing to mind The Little Mermaid. Her evil pseudo mother wears a black hooded cape like the Queen from Snow White when disguised as the beggar woman. Rapunzel stashed Rider in the wardrobe, similar to Beauty and the Beast. I’m sure there are more similarities, but that’s what I’ve come up with for now.

Both of my kids loved it. There was enough action for my son and my daughter paid attention the entire time. I know it’s one we’ll own when it’s out on video!

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