The Best of 2010

2010 was, overall, a great year. I am very thankful to have my family, our home, our friends and our jobs. Here are my top 2010 moments:

New Job

I was not very happy in my previous job by the time I left. After 9 years I had mostly outgrown it. I was ready for new challenges. I also worked in local government and I was so tired of the negativity. By the time I left few people worked together and the default answer to nearly everything was “no.” I was ready for a better environment and I found that in my current job. I love working with people who want the best for our organization. They’re professional, supportive and intelligent. And I love it!

Beach Vacation

We spent a week at the beach with another family, and it was the best vacation I’ve been on as an adult. The kids had fun, the adults had fun, and we all enjoyed our time with the other family. Hopefully we can have a repeat in a few years!

New School

Buddy started a new school in the fall, which is miles above his previous school. He is doing very well and we’re very proud of him! He has done a great job of catching up and, after a bit of a transition period, is doing very well.

Hubby’s Recognition

My husband went back to school when Buddy was 2 and graduated when I was pregnant with Sassafras (he is also a recovering government employee). He’s been at his current employer for three and a half years now and has been consistently recognized for good work (take note, government, you might want to try this). This year he started a new position, which was new to the company, which is international, and has recognized with an award that is only given out to one person in each region per position. I am so proud of him and I love seeing him excel at a job that excites him.

Potty Training Success!

Having a daughter fully potty trained (we’re still working on nights, but that’s a different story) is so delightful. I love that I can leave the house for a quick trip with my wallet and phone. She is super good about using the potty and I’m so proud of her! Only a mother can appreciate the shear joy and pride that can come from watching your child pee.

Growing Church

I am really proud of my church. We have accomplished a lot of good things this year, from a new website, to new programs that encourage participation on different levels. I think we’re doing a better job of understanding that people like to be involved in different ways instead of having cookie cutter programs. We’re seeing more new faces, in addition to our regulars and some returning old faces. The number of children in church on Sunday is going up. I feel like we’re on the right track and I’m excited about that!

Cub Scouts

Now that Buddy is in first grade he was able to join the Cub Scouts as a Tiger. I was a Girl Scout for 12 years so I thought I knew what we were getting into, but it is much different. It is more of a top-down organization, with much more direction that the Girl Scouts I remember. I’m not saying that’s bad, it’s just different. But, while it’s kept us busier than I expected, I think it’s really good for Buddy and for us.

Wishing you all a Happy 2011!

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