The Primanti Sandwich


The Primanti Bros. Sandwich, image courtesy of

The Primanti Bros. Sandwich, image courtesy of

Only in Pittsburgh do people visit and say “What’s that sandwich here?” and yinz not only know what it is, but how to spell “Primanti.”

When our D.C.-based college friend and his wife came in for the Winter Classic, we were looking for a place to eat before they headed to the game when I learned that neither of them had ever been to Primanti Bros., which is a crime, a CRIME, I say! Especially because our friend is from Johnstown, is a HUGE Steelers fan and has been to more games than I have (which is to say, at least one).

So, a wrong has been righted. They have both officially eaten a Primanti Bros. sandwich. A REAL one. All is now right with the world (except that their Caps fans and they won).

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