The Shaving Gel Experiment – Or How To Entertain A Kid

Sassafrass, my 7-year-old daughter, is very crafty. She loves a project, which I love because I’m the same way. The only downside to this is that she always wants to do a new project. Add two weeks off from school for Winter Break, and I had a bored* kid on my hands.

She loves Pinterest and often asks me if we can look for projects together. While she doesn’t have her own account, I have a board for her to pin crafts she likes. She uses my iPad to browse (she has a Kindle Fire but I won’t let her download any social media apps). We found an activity involving shaving cream and paint. Well, of course I didn’t have any shaving cream, just shaving gel. Eh, I didn’t see the harm in trying it. I think it worked out!





*One of my pet peeves is people bemoaning that they’re BORED! Being bored is a luxury. It means you have time to relax or explore something fun, so enjoy being “bored!”

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