Time for Preschool Teacher Gifts

Every year I give gifts to the teachers at Sassafras’ day care. She’s now in preschool, but I give gifts to everyone, 10 in all, since she sees all of them at some point during the year. The past two years I have made earrings, but this year I decided to make scarves. Sass and I headed to JoAnn’s and I let her select four fleece fabric patterns. She ended up selecting 10 and we carefully narrowed it down. They turned out great and Sass loved handing them out, telling the teachers “We made you a scarf!” I told the teacher that there were four patterns and encouraged them to select the one they liked the best.

Fleece Scarves

Fleece Scarves

They are very easy to make and were a big hit with the teachers. There is no sewing involved, all you need is a sharp pair of scissors and a flat surface. Sass’ favorite pattern was the pink with the colored flowers (top in the photo). She declared it to be “Beautiful, MaMa.” I had enough to make 16 scarves, and there were 10 teachers, so I kept one for her. I think she’s going to be very excited!

Fleece Scarf Instructions

  1. Select fleece fabric (I bought 1 yard of each, each scarf is 9 inches wide so I was able to get 4 scarves from each yard).
  2. Trim the salvage edge (the edges that were not cut at the store – it’s usually a little rolled).
  3. Lay fabric flat in front of you and cut 9 inch strips (I kept the fabric folded in half and cut both sides together, but only do this if it’s straight, otherwise you’ll get a weird cut at the fold when it’s opened).
  4. Cut the bottom of the scarf into 1/2 to 1 inch strips, cutting about 6 inches into the fabric. Mine are just about 1 inch wide. I kept the fabric folded and cut both ends together.
  5. Give or wear! See, wasn’t that easy?

Fleece fabric runs about $10-$15 a yard. We lucked out it was on sale for half off (if you’re not a frequent JoAnn’s shopper, they always have 40% off coupons in the Sunday paper that can be used on a single regular priced item, which includes 1 piece of fabric). Since we didn’t buy licensed fabric (Disney and Steelers are the more expensive choices) the fabric was $5 a yard, costing me $20. I got 16 scarves – that comes to $1.25 per scarf! That’s a great price for a nice, thoughtful gift.

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