Today I Feel Like a Bad Parent

I received an email today about my son’s recent behavior in class. I feel like I am not doing enough to help him in school, but I don’t know what else to do.

Here are the issues we’re dealing with:

  • Spending excessive time in the bathroom instead of in class
  • Grabbing other teachers’ arms in the hallway as they pass by
  • Not responding when his name is called (mostly when misbehaving)
  • Taking more books than allowed and not sharing them when other students were looking for them
  • Not listening to instructions before starting a project or activity
  • Overall impulsiveness

When he started his new school in the fall we dealt with some of these issues, which we all chalked up to his transition to a more strenuous curriculum. Except for some problems with listening and impulsiveness, the other things stopped. Until now. Since they’ve come back from break, he started them up again. The curriculum has become more challenging and I’m concerned that this is how he is dealing with it.

He loves school, even his teacher says he enjoys class. He comes come laughing and happy and tells me about all of the cool things he learned that day.

So what I don’t undertsand is, where is the problem? Why is he acting out like this? What did I do wrong? Have I modeled this behavior? What do I need to do, or say, to help him?

I feel like I haven’t prepared him, but I’m at a loss with what to do now.

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