Toys Coming Out of My A$$

Seriously, how do these kids have so many toys???? We have a family room, which is small, but keeps the TV and the toys out of the more public areas of the house. Because it’s a small room and we have two kids – of different genders, mind you – it becomes a struggle to maintain any kind of order. The fact that they actually don’t get that much playtime makes me wonder why we have so much. After we get home from work/school/day care they play while I make dinner, then often we shuttle to Tae Kwon Do or Boy Scouts. By the time we get home it’s bedtime.

We purge regularly. I’m doing a big one right now. Both kids just had birthdays so they got a bunch more toys to add to the pile, so we spent hours today going through bins and bins of stuff. They’re pretty good about getting rid of things they don’t use regularly, and unless it’s broken or missing critical pieces we either give them to someone we know, take them to church (which means they still get to play with them) or donate them to Goodwill.

I just feel like I never quite have a handle on it. Is that normal, should I just not worry about it? Should I try to get them more organized? Or should I just let them be kids, let them through stuff in bins (hey, it’s off the floor!) and do a purge every so often? They’re only kids once, right?

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