Twitter and TV Go Hand-in-Hand

For anyone who’s been on Twitter in the past 5 years, this isn’t exactly news, but now we have the research to back it up. According to Nielsen, there is a relationship between tweets and TV engagement.


We’ve heard about the second screen – and sometimes third screen – for a while now. I regularly use my iPhone and/or iPad while watching TV (sometimes I do use both). My second screen doesn’t always relate to what I’m watching, but if I want to see other’s reactions to a show, I will jump on Twitter.

In one sense, I don’t find this study to be all that revealing. Twitter has been a relevant┬ámonitoring tool for years now. If you really want to see how people feel about a show – or product, company, etc. – a quick search on Twitter can be very revealing.

Anyone who manages social media for a brand needs to be monitoring Twitter. It’s an important part of analytics and measuring the effectiveness of your social media marketing and content marketing. Connecting, communicating, and engaging are the hallmarks of social media, and monitoring is an essential aspect of that. If you don’t listen to what people are saying about your brand, you can’t work to reinforce – or change – those perceptions.

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