Valentine’s Day Lollipop Fun


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, that day that kids love, and adults either love or hate. I happen to be a fan of Valentine’s Day, but not of the “need” to be showered with flowers and jewelry. My husband is also a fan on this train of thought. I guess it’s good I don’t expect much or I’d be sorely disappointed!

To celebrate, I got crafty. Shocked? I had a great time on Pinterest finding lots of fun ideas. Pinterest has quickly replaced Stumble Upon for me, largely because it’s much easier to find what I’ve pinned since I can organize by category.

I found this great craft on Disney’s Family Fun website. It met my criteria: simple, using items I had at home.

I picked up a bag of lollipops, found a template online, pulled out a piece of red and black construction paper, scissors and a hole punch. I think the secret to this craft is having a small hole punch, about 1/8 inch. I had one in my craft supplies, and it fits snugly over the lollipop stick.

Buddy is going to give the mustaches to his fellow Cub Scouts. He helped me and punched the holes out (I was, admittedly, too anxious to allow him to cut them out because I wanted them to be smooth, but he certainly could have done that as well. Heck, he could have traced, cut, punched and assembled the whole thing himself if I had let him). I made a single pair of lips for Sass because she was feeling left out.

I think the kids will like it, I think it’s very cute!

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