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A Walking Dead Thanksgiving

The Walking Dead

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I realize it’s pretty standard fodder to write about what you’re thankful for during the fourth week of November, but that’s why we have Thanksgiving, isn’t it? To reflect on what we have and give thanks for those blessings?

On of my new favorite shows is AMC’s The Walking Dead. I had heard the buzz surrounding it, but since I can only watch grown-up shows after the kids go to bed, I avoid the nightmare-inducing ones. My husband started watching it during the marathon before the second half of the second season, and I was hooked. I did have nightmares for a few nights (still do, sometimes), but the show is so good I don’t even care anymore.

As in any zombie apocalypse, the survivors are simply doing that – surviving. Usually we see this scenario in a film, with less than two hours to tell the entire story. And that’s what makes this show so great, they get to tell the whole story. What happens the day after? The week? Month? Year? How do you survive when, at every turn, something is trying to kill you? How do you raise a family when you’re simply trying not to die?

The show, in it’s third season, has gotten much grittier and more desperate. The main characters have taken shelter in a prison because it’s the safest place, meant to keep people in – and by proxy, out. But can you imagine what living in a prison does to your psychie? It’s a place we spend out whole lives trying to stay out of, yet these people find their sanctuary there.

Watching this show, imagining what it would be like trying to live in that world with my family, makes me very grateful for the life I do live in. I may get stressed juggling a career, two active kids, a marriage, graduate school, family, friends… the list goes on. But I’m not holed up in a prison hoping we can find enough food to keep from starving to death, always on guard because around every corner could be death waiting to literally eat you alive. That’s the kind of stress I can do without.

I have more to be thankful for than I could possibly write. We may not be the richest family around, our house isn’t where we want it to be and we’re much busier than I prefer, but I’m thankful just the same.

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