We’re Sick AGAIN!

“Mommy, I need to go to the DOCTOR! I’m SICK!” Sassafras told me a few mornings ago. Um, yeah, no. I’m sorry, I know she has a little cold, but I can’t take a day off of work because she has the sniffles. We both have them, but once we get moving, we’re fine.

And then day care steps in. Stupid day care. I mean, I love my day care, but I can’t keep my daughter home over every single cold! Yesterday her teacher told me she was raspy and the other child who had this (AKA the-child-who-spread-the-germs) got a fever when the raspiness kicked in. Also, Sass was sounding a little seal-like when she coughed. And like a man when she talked. Yet, no fever all week.

The hubby and I decided he would stay home with her today since there was an event at work I needed to attend. He took her to the doctor and…. strep throat! AND an ear infection! Awesome! Still, no fever, mind you. The ear infection is in the early stages and she has not complained about her throat hurting, so I never guessed strep.

Tomorrow I have to take yet another sick day. I think I’m out of my allotted sick days for the year, which means I’ll have to start cutting into my vacation days. I’d much rather be on a beach than at home with a sick child.

I also made myself a doctor’s appointment to make sure I don’t also have it. My husband is also have a small procedure done at the hospital in the afternoons, and since I’m now off work, means my day is now shot. To pieces. I do feel good about being there for him, though. So, I guess there’s the silver lining!

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