What the Hell Happened to May?

Wasn’t Easter just a few days ago? I don’t know what happened, but May has zipped by so fast I might have whip lash. I’ve been running non-stop for about a month. It’s not good. I’m exhausted and stressed.

My husband saw the signs of a colossal melt-down and decided to take the kids to his parents and leave me home last weekend. I only told one person, my best friend, and we went to Ikea. Without kids. It was heaven. Although, in a true Mom move, we also went to Toys R Us and I bought Sassafras furniture for her dollhouse. The only reason I did was because I have been searching for this furniture since Christmas. It’s not available online, and this is the first time I’ve been able to find it in a store, so I grabbed them up.

The rest of the weekend was lovely. I slept in, exercised, watched TV, cleaned and worked. Yes, I had so much to do at work that I brought some home. While I don’t really enjoy working over the weekend, it made the rest of my week better. Sunday night I couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted, but had total insomnia, probably because I knew how much work I needed to get done over the course of the week. The past month has been so busy I can’t keep things straight.

All night long I tossed and turned. Every time I just started falling asleep I was woken up. The two big ones were from my kids. At 2:30 Sass started coughing not just any cough, but a distinct croupy cough. AWESOME. She was up for about a half an hour until I was able to get her to calm down and go back to sleep. I crawled back into bed only to hear “Mom” whispered next to me 30 minutes later. This time Buddy wasn’t able to sleep. AWESOME. I sent him back to bed and told him to think happy thoughts. I guessed it worked because I didn’t hear from him again that night.

I finally, FINALLY fell asleep around 5:30. Just in time for me to get up for work! I ended up staying home with Sass and took her to the doctor. And survey says… croup! She didn’t have it very badly and was pretty much fine that day. I sent her to day care Tuesday because she had no fever and wasn’t a huge mess. They did mention to me that she was feverish (99.1) and a bit clingy, but she’s been fine the rest of the week.

The rest of my week has been stressful. I was out of the office Wednesday for a conference, which meant the newsletter I send out every other Thursday needed to be written on Tuesday, so being out of the office Monday meant I was up writing it from home that evening. My work load has been so intense. I can’t wait for school to be out and for summer hours to kick in. I’m ready for a break. I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically. I just wish I knew what happened to May. I guess I just need to be ready for June.

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