“When I was your mommy.”

My mom made me this precious Strawberry Shortcake dress when I was about 3. It’s yellow with the real Strawberry Shortcake on it (none of this “updated” stuff) and several ruffles. Completely adorable, even in it’s late 70’sness. It is currently hanging in Sassafras’ closet. This weekend, the kids got it out to play in (I had my sister’s three kids). As I was sitting them down for lunch, I asked my nephew, who was wearing it at the time, to take it off. I couldn’t chance it getting covered in ketchup, mac ‘n cheese and applesauce.

As I was taking it off of him, I was telling him how Nunny (my mom) made it for me when I was a little girl. At which time Sass piped up “I made it for you when you were a little girl and I was your mommy.”

After some questioning, I found out that Sass thinks that she was my mommy and I was a little girl who she raised, and then she got younger and became my little girl and now I’m her mommy. How sweet is that?

I remember having a similar conversation with my mom. I figured that I must have been a really really tiny person (sort of like in Gulliver’s Travels) when she was a little girl. It never occurred to me that there was a time in her life when I wasn’t around. And, despite the fact that Sass has an older brother and as seen photos of herself as a baby, she apparently feels the same way.

Like mother like daughter.

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