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There is something I have wanted to do for nine years now, that I finally did. I took my niece shopping.

That may not sound like a big deal, but I got pregnant a few months after my God daughter was born. It turns out, getting pregnant and having a baby keeps you pretty busy. By the time she was old enough to even take shopping, I had a toddler on my hands and was dealing with several miscarriages. Then I got pregnant with Sassafras, and well, here we are, nearly four years later.

So last night I finally fulfilled this little dream of mine. My niece, who will be nine in October, and I had a great time. She’s going into 3rd grade. She’s at an age where she has a group of girlfriends and is influenced by what the group likes and does. I want so much to be a good role model for her, and I thought spending some one on one time with her would be the best way to do that.

However, it appears that I ruffled a few feathers, namely my daughter’s and nephew’s.

As I put my niece in my car, my nephew’s little eyes looked so sad. How could I not take HIM shopping? I’m sure he was thinking. It’s hard to explain to him, and it’s not that I wanted to exclude him, but I wanted, needed, alone time with his sister. I feel an extra sense of responsibility for her because she’s my God daughter, and also because she is a girl growing up in a world that tells her being pretty is more important than being smart, that being important means being famous, which consists of being thin, rich and starring in your own reality show. She needs a counter balance. Her mom is doing a great job, but I think the more good influences she has, the better off she’ll be.

The next little set of sad eyes I encountered where my daughters’. I expected this. I knew she was NOT going to be happy that I was taking my niece shopping and not her. Oh, the tears, the sad, sad tears, her little arms wrapped around me so tightly before I left. I felt so bad, I almost caved in and took her with me. But I really, really wanted to take my niece alone. I wanted to have time to talk to her without anyone else there. I wanted it to be about her, about our relationship. I want her to feel like she can talk to me.

We had a great time. We went to Burgatory for dinner and shopping. I spent too much money (to my husband’s dismay. I think his exact words were “We don’t spend that much on their BIRTHDAYS!” Honest to God, I spent about $100. If you spread that out over nine years, it’s about $11 a year. Also, he has NO concept of how much things cost. I bought her 2 dresses, a shirt, a skirt, a pair of shoes, a soccer ball, a water bottle, a purse and bath stuff. I did amazing.). I’m not going to make a habit of buying as much as I did for her, but it was fun to spoil her a little (just a little).

We had some good conversations. Nothing too heavy, too serious, which was fine. She asked is she could spend the night, so I brought her back (which made up a little for leaving Sass┬áhome) and the kids watched a movie. It was a good night. Next time I’m going to take both of the girls shopping, and hopefully my sister can come. I love girl time!

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